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AND THE WINNER IS ........................

This week's (February 20, 2009) Fabulous Friday Freebie winner is ..... Ta Da ... KittsKrafts. Here is her blog KittsKrafts if you want to check her out! Congratulations ... I know you will love the Clutch Purse Card that Robin has offered from her Etsy shop Robin's Arts & Crafts. ... You lucky gal!!!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cyber Monday ... BIG SALE ... Last Day of Holiday EtsyFest ... Purse and Crochet Day !!!

I have 7 orders for the wonderful Crazy Quilt Purses ... they are so unique and adorable. I love the detail of the variuos stitches. Mother/Daughter matching sets are a favorite for Christmas Presents this year. I made one of the black, white and red ones for my duaghter-in-law ... friends, family and strangers have gone crazy over it!!

This black scarf has to be the most soft and snuggly scarf I have ever made!! I can't wait to make one for myself :-)

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Friday, November 28: All jewelery in my shop will be 30%OFF !! Stop in and check it out. In addition ... EVERYTHING ELSE IN MY SHOP WILL BE 15% OFF!!!


Have you checked it out yet?? Now through Monday, December 1st almost 200 Etsy Artisans are participating ... click the link above and check out the SALES!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

39 MINUTES .my time to Holiday EtsyFest!!

Hope you're as excited as I am. What a great time to do some shopping at some fantastic Etsy shops, and we can save some money too ... bonus!! I have my eye on a thing or two ... do you???

Tomorrow I'll be drawing for the Gift Card Give-Away ... you still have some time to post what you are thankful for ... I've already sold a set of these gift tags, so get your post in quick!!

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving Day and good luck in the EtsyFest sale days :-)

One More Day To Turkey Day!!!

This will be my first BIG holiday since my by-pass surgery in June. I'm so glad I'm at the point I have more of a variety of foods I can eat. I think I'll just have a bite of everything ... with no sugar that is!! This is such a wonderful day for all ... we have so much to be thankful for and I love to get together with all the family to celebrate our lives, our families, our friends, the country we live in, and our Lord for all He has given us. I don't to have to do any cooking this year ... except for putting together the squash casserole ... everything is at our daughter's house and we take everything that goes in the oven around there ... this means I can sew, sew, sew today!! I'm making more Christmas Gift Bags today ... hope to put on Etsy in a bit ... will post when I do!

I want to do more give-aways and would love to have some items from some other than my shop to offer. Anyone interested either post or email me.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Items ... Christmas Gift Bags

These are fun to make ... I thought what a perfect idea ... make some fabric Christmas bags that will hold a bag of brownie mix. You just add a tag that has the baking instructions and there's a fast, easy gift. I'm off to make more designs!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Here's What You Win!

These adorable Christmas Tags :-) Just post on this blog what you are thanikful for and on Thanksgiving Day I'll pick a winner from a random drawing. This Thanksgiving we should all take some time to remember the important things in our lives ... let's be thankful together ... join the Thankfulness Thoughts Blog!!

Thankfulness Thoughts Give Away

This year has been a tough one for many, but we still are all blessed in many ways. We have much to be thankful for ... what are you Thankful for? I have so much to be thankful for and I wanted to share some thoughts with you ... and offer the same opportunity to you. If you'd like to share some thankfulness thoughts ... feel free! I'll be offering a set of Christmas Tags to the winner of the Thankfulness Thoughts Contest. Enter your thoughts of what you are thankful for this year here on my blog and on Thursday I'll announce who won the contest. The names of those that posted will be entered in the drawing and one will be picked randomly. In order to receive your gift tags, you must email me at magnoliablossomart@gmail.com so that I can communicate with you and get your information to mail your gift to you. If I do not have your email address, I'll pick the next random name. Thank you for sharing and I wish you the best this Thanksgiving!
Why I'm Thankful ...
First of all, I'm thankful that the Lord has offered His Grace and has blessed me in so many ways.
My mother who has taught me how to be amazingly brave and thankful.
I'm thankful for my husband who for 38 years has loved me and been incredibly patient and constant.
My daughter and my two sons, my son-in-law and my two daughter-in-laws who have all taught me how to love more, to stand strong and to look within myself for the strength that has always been there.
I am thankful for my five grandsons, my step-granddaughter and step-grandson who all in their own special ways have taught me how to sit back and enjoy life, to open my heart more than I ever thought I could and to laugh!
I'm thankful for my friends, my “girls” Maggie and Blossom, my church, my home and especially for my family.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Today I'm sewing up some grocery bags to deliver Thanksgiving meals to about a dozen or more needy families in the community from our church. Last minute idea, like usual for me :-) I'm also gearing up for the big Holiday EtsyFest begining Thanksgiving Day!

It's snowing!!! We get so excited about any flakes around here, we don't see much of it.

As you see, our "Artic" dog is totally uneffected by the snow .. she's like ... what's the big deal!!
Lovin the cold weather around here ... me ... jury's still out on that one!!! But I did get excited about the few flakes :-)

Hope to post some new items on Etsy this weekend or first of the week. We're dedicated to three of the five grandsons tonight then our little one's First Birthday tomorrow ... woohoo!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Weekend's Coming ... WooHoo!

This has been a busy, long week. Thought I'd be able to relax a bit from last weekend's Fall Fest and Spaghetti Dinner for our Relay For Life team .... WRONG!! Here it is Thursday and haven't done any crafting ... withdrawls ... boohoo!

Our little Christopher is coming over today to stay the night, two nights actually ... yeah! We are taking him and Jakeb to see Madagascar tomorrow night ... can't wait!!

On top of being so busy, it's really cold here this week .. but the upside of that is Maggie and Blossom are LOVIN' it ... those Artic dogs!!

Going to get a bit of cleaning done ... yuck ... but the place is a RECK ... then my hopes are to start on crazy quilt orders. They are so fun to do .. each one is original and the color combinations are fun to create. I did sell another scarf yesterday so in my down time I have another one I need to finish ... crocheting is so relaxing, I love to do it while watching TV.

Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy is coming to town in December ... my daughter and Iare taking my mom for her Birthday ... never been but it looks like so much fun. That's exciting!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Okay ... done all I can here for a while. WOW, for the older not so technical generation, this is a task!
I still have some updating to do on Etsy, but I really need to get to work sewing some crazy quilt purses!! I'm getting excited about the Holiday EtsyFest. I hope it helps all sellers and buyers! My shop is relatively new, so any boost will be a blessing.
The weather is SO cold here!! Don't stay as warm as I used to since gastric-bypass in June and my 100 pound loss ... BURRRR!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Still working on organizing this blog ... trying to figure some of it out! Did have time to list a few more things on Etsy today and take some new pics and relist a few items. Am getting excited about the Thanksgiving Weekend Sale ... Etsy Holiday Fest!!

Have our 3 year old grandson with us today ... just love those grandkids!! How cute is he!!

It's COLD today and they are actually calling for snow :-)

I'm on my way to a Relay for Life Committee Meeting tonight. I hope to get info on here about our local Relay event. Our team "For Abie" had our annual Spaghetti Dinner/Silent Auction this weekend with great success ... our first official fundraiser for the new year ... we raised $1566.00 ... WHOO HOO!!!!!

Gonna be a busy day ...

Today is full ... need to update web, blog, myspace, twitter ... take new pics for Etsy and relist some items ... will be putting up my promo for the Big Holiday Sale for next weekend!
Have 6 crazy quilt orders I need to get started on ... busy ... busy ... busy ... you know what they say about idle hands!!

I'll post again with some updated pics ...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Etsy Holiday Fest
November 27 - December 1
Check it out and get in on some fantistic sales!!

My first post ...

This is new ... this is fun ... almost as fun as creating art!! Here at Magnolia Blossom Art I am continually creating different things. My art ranges from crochet items to painted items to sewn items. All are carefully created with love and care. Look for upcoming Holiday Sales!! During the Thanksgiving weekend I will be offering 10% off ALL items! Take a look, browse around and do some early Christmas shopping.

Catchin' Waves

Catchin' Waves
For two days they didn't want anything to do with the beach ... then ... wala ... what fun is this!!!

Thumbprint Notecards

Thumbprint Notecards
Sure to make anyone smile. Come with envelopes in sets of five.

Maggie & Blossom

Maggie & Blossom
Lovin' some time in the waves at Nags Head !! What fun they are.

Girl's Jumper

Girl's Jumper
Precious brown jumper with hot pink polk-a-dots

Christopher and Blossom

Christopher and Blossom
She loves a cowboy and he loves a horse ... what a perfect match!! Grandson # 4 with our "Little" girl Blossom.

Croched Cell Phone Case

Croched Cell Phone Case
Any colors ... any size ... great when matched with a Crazy Quilt Purse!

Eat ... sleep ... and be merry!!

Eat ... sleep ... and be merry!!
So what's better than fillling up on spaghetti and then taking a snooze ... that makes for a very merry little fellow. Grandson # 5 ... Benjamin ... how cute is that!

Pink Crazy Quilt Purse

Pink Crazy Quilt Purse
So fun ... my crazy quilted purses are eye catchers ... great as mother/daughter sets ... larger for mom and smaller for daughter ... how cute are they!!!

Just a day at the beach ...

Just a day at the beach ...
Nick, Maggie & Blossom trying to catch some waves ... the girls wanted to try their hands (paws) at skimboarding ... give it a try gals!

Warm and Cozy Scarf

Warm and Cozy Scarf
Soft and Warm ... what a combination .. and beautiful to boot!!